To all our valued Clients and Residents: Obviously, we are all in unfamiliar times and hopefully doing our very best to help each other through this trial. Keeping our exposure to others at a minimum, keeping our social distancing at 6' or more, washing our hands frequently & thoroughly, staying home if you or someone in your immediate family has symptoms, and generally keeping our circle of exposure as small as possible are simple things we can do to help keep this situation as manageable as possible and prevent a repeat of what Spain, Italy and others are enduring. This is our time to shine as Americans by exhibiting an extra measure of patience, kindness and courtesy.

Contact Us - CPM Team

Do you have questions or not sure where to start? Our customer service team can help!

Give us a call: (760) 434-7373 Ext. 0
Or email us: [email protected]

Contact information for all of our staff is below.

Name Title Phone
Amanda Foster760.434.7373
Ana RomeroRegional Manager, Multi Family
Multi-Family R
ext: 115
Ashley OlivasProperty Manager
Single-Family Residence
ext: 114
Belinda BardenResident Manager760-729-0170
Carol WarrenResident Manager
Multi-Family Residence
Cheryl KennedyResident Manager
Multi-Family Residence
Chrissy WaltherBookkeeperext: 101
Christie WelkerLeasing Team
Danielle MontenezResident Manager
Debbie FredetteBookkeeper(760) 547-2771
Enrique Sotelo Maintenance Technician
Erika BrooksProperty Manager
Single-Family Residence
Fernando UbesoAdams St. Maintenance Tech
Greg GorsuchVice President, Broker Associate ext: 119
Jaime RamirezMaintenance Technician
John McGroryMaintenance Technician
Kadie PuccioProperty Manager
Single-Family Residence
ext: 106
Karla GarciaLeasing Team Manager
Kate LundyLeasing Team
Kathy WashburnResident Manager
Multi-Family Residence
Kelly BakerLeasing Team
Kristin SmithLeasing Team
Leah OsbornMarketing Director and Company Photographer ext: 130
Linus MassothResident Manager
Multi-Family Residence
Mark JaureguyProperty Manager(760) 547-2754
Martin FloresProperty Manager
Mavis IveneLeasing Team
Michele GoaneResident Manager
Mike ChamberlainPresident/Founder ext: 105
Moira JonesCorporate Bookkeeper
Nicole Reyes
Ozzy CastroMaintenance Manager760.434.7373
Pat McKinlayBookkeeper
Sam WarrenResident Manager
Multi-Family Residence
Sue MillerResident Manager
Multi-Family Residence
Teresa ChavezResident Manager
Multi-Family Residence
Tim SullivanResident Manager
Multi-Family Residence
Vickie CapVice President, Broker Associate ext: 122
Victor MoralesResident Manager