Contact Us - CPM Team

Do you have questions or not sure where to start? Our customer service team can help!

Give us a call: (760) 434-7373 Ext. 0
Or email us: [email protected]

Contact information for all of our staff is below.

Name Title Phone
Amanda Foster760.434.7373
Ana RomeroRegional Manager, Multi Family
Multi-Family R
ext: 115
Ashley OlivasProperty Manager
Single-Family Residence
ext: 114
Belinda BardenResident Manager760-729-0170
Cheryl KennedyResident Manager
Multi-Family Residence
Chrissy WaltherBookkeeperext: 101
Christie WelkerLeasing Team
Danielle MontenezResident Manager
Debbie FredetteBookkeeper(760) 547-2771
Enrique Sotelo Maintenance Technician
Erika BrooksProperty Manager
Single-Family Residence
Fernando UbesoAdams St. Maintenance Tech
Greg GorsuchVice President, Broker Associate ext: 119
Holly BurkeResident Manager
Irma CanoAdmin Assistant
Jim CarrResident Manager
John McGroryMaintenance Technician
Juan GarciaMaintenance Projects
Kadie PuccioProperty Manager
Single-Family Residence
ext: 106
Karla GarciaLeasing Team Manager
Kate LundyLeasing Team
Kathy WashburnResident Manager
Multi-Family Residence
Kelly BakerLeasing Team
Kristin SmithLeasing Team
Leah OsbornMarketing Director and Company Photographer ext: 130
Linus MassothResident Manager
Multi-Family Residence
Mark JaureguyProperty Manager(760) 547-2754
Martin FloresProperty Manager
Mavis IveneLeasing Team
Michele GoaneResident Manager
Mike ChamberlainPresident/Founder ext: 105
Moira JonesCorporate Bookkeeper
Nicole Reyes
Ozzy CastroMaintenance Manager760.434.7373
Pat McKinlayBookkeeper
Sam WarrenResident Manager
Multi-Family Residence
Saray BarrazaResident Manager
Scott GoaneMaintenance Tech
Sue MillerResident Manager
Multi-Family Residence
Teresa ChavezResident Manager
Multi-Family Residence
Tim SullivanResident Manager
Multi-Family Residence
Vickie CapVice President, Broker Associate ext: 122
Victor MoralesResident Manager