To all our valued Clients and Residents: Obviously, we are all in unfamiliar times and hopefully doing our very best to help each other through this trial. Keeping our exposure to others at a minimum, keeping our social distancing at 6' or more, washing our hands frequently & thoroughly, staying home if you or someone in your immediate family has symptoms, and generally keeping our circle of exposure as small as possible are simple things we can do to help keep this situation as manageable as possible and prevent a repeat of what Spain, Italy and others are enduring. This is our time to shine as Americans by exhibiting an extra measure of patience, kindness and courtesy.
Our Promise to Realtors

For more than 30 years, Chamberlain Property Management has worked side-by-side with Real Estate professionals such as yourself. It's the reason, CPM is the #1 management company referred by Realtors in North County.

Chamberlain recognizes and acknowledges that the information furnished to us concerning your clients and other matters is confidential and sensitive. When your client is ready to sell their home, we will not disclose any such information or any part thereof to any person, firm, or other entity for any reason or purpose whatsoever. They will be encouraged to return to you for the listing of their property.

Because we know you have cultivated lasting relationships with your clients, you have our promise that your agent/client relationship will be honored!

Since 1986, Chamberlain Property Management has built it's name and reputation on HONESTY & INTEGRITY.

Send us this form completed when you refer us a client and we’ll be sure to get a referral fee to you once the property is rented!

Promise Agreement Form (PDF)