Why Choose Chamberlain Property Management?

The CPM TEAM provides:

  • Coordination of "Make Ready" Services as Needed
  • Professional Quality Photography
  • Extensive Marketing For Your Property
  • Thorough Tenant Screening
  • Lease Preparation & Execution
  • Rent Collection
  • On Line Payment Options for your Tenants
  • 24-7 Availability for emergencies
  • Coordination and Monitoring of Maintenance & Repairs
  • Payment of Your Property's Bills, Mortgage, HOA & Taxes
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Portal for viewing statements or invoices at your convenience
  • Electronic Statements & Owner Disbursements
  • Annual Financial Re-cap and 1099's

Most property managers claim to provide similar services. However, what really separates us from our competitors is:

We have been managing residential property in North San Diego County exclusively since 1986. Our growth from just a handful of properties to our current portfolio of more than 1500 homes, condos & apartments as well as our growth from one property manager to ten full time, licensed property managers is a testament to our dedication and client satisfaction.

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We maintain a team of friendly & helpful people whose sole responsibility is to assist prospective tenants. They coordinate our advertising, showing of properties and tenant screening. All of our prospects are accompanied by a CPM representative when they are viewing a property. The leasing team allows our property managers to focus on your property, your tenants and issues as they arise. This process results in faster turnovers, (we average less than 2 weeks from the time we post a vacancy until it is rented) reduced vacancy time and happier new tenants.

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Our property managers are all employees, which means our company dictates how they operate as opposed to independent contractors which is how most real estate offices operate. We have accountability and transparency built into our operating protocol. This allows our Division Manager to readily see what is pending and enables her to fill in when an agent is sick, or on vacation.

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We realize that not every property owner has the same needs, time available or goals so we have developed many options for you to select from including:
  1. PREMIER SERVICE which is all inclusive and covers the leasing as well as the cost of an attorney if an eviction is needed.
  2. DELUXE SERVICE which is about 20% less than Premier but has a modest leasing fee when there is a turnover and in the unlikely event of an eviction, the attorneys cost is borne by the property owner.
  3. LEASE ONLY SERVICE for our property owners that have the time and expertise to manage the day-to-day but want a professional to advertise, show, screen and prepare the lease for the new tenant.
  4. MODEST FLAT FEE SERVICE for our local property owners who want to be involved in maintenance and the day-to-day tenant issues but want a professional as a buffer, and provide on line rent payment, full bookkeeping & statements. We also fill in when these owners are traveling.

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We serve North San Diego County exclusively. The reason for that is simple... we need to be able to go by the property frequently and have the ability to respond quickly in an emergency. How can you do that if you are managing anywhere in San Diego County as well as adjoining counties?

Compare to our competitors!

The choice of who will represent you in the management of your property is a critical decision and should not be made without personal interviews. We would be honored to meet with you personally or schedule a phone interview at your convenience. Additionally, we encourage you to call us cold, as a prospective tenant would, and compare the response you get with that of our competitors.