Team Roster

In any organization, the quality of its products and services is determined by the quality of its people. This is especially true of a company like ours where our product is service. We are proud of our employees and very happy with the longevity that we have enjoyed with most of them. We look for one important quality above all others... character. We feel that particular skills can be taught but the traits of honesty, loyalty and dedication must be ingrained for us to be successful. We feel very fortunate to have the following individuals on the Chamberlain Property Management Team!

A Few Great Reasons to Choose Chamberlain Property Managment:

Our Management

Mike Chamberlain


Vickie Cap

Vice President, Broker Associate

Greg Gorsuch

Vice President, Broker Associate, CPM Realty Broker

Our Support Team

Moira Jones

Corporate Bookkeeper

Nicole Reyes

New Accounts Rep

Juan Garcia

Multi Family Project Coordinator

Irma Cano

Multi Family Specialist

Our Property Managers

Ana Romero

Regional Manager - Multi Family

Ashley Olivas

Senior Property Manager - Single Family Homes

Erika Brooks

Property Manager - Single Family Homes

Kadie Puccio

Property Manager - Single Family Homes

Christie Welker

Property Manager - Single Family Homes

Dara Unruh

Regional Manager - Multi Family

Mark Jaureguy

Property Manager - Single Family Homes

Martin Flores

Property Manager - Single Family Homes

Holly Bourke

Jupiter St and Jupiter West Apartments - On-site Manager

Our Leasing Team

Karla Garcia

Leasing Team Manager

Mavis Ivene

Leasing Team

Kelly Baker

Leasing Team

Our Resident Managers

Sam Warren

Community Manager

Jim Carr

Villas de Laura
Community Manager

Michele Goane

Carlsbad Cabana
Community Manager Multi Admin

Kathy Washburn

Seabreeze Apartments On-site Manager

Linus Massoth

Cinnamon Apartments On-site Manager

Teresa Chavez

Olive Tree Manor - On-site Manager

Tim Sullivan

Sea and Sand - On-site Manager

Wendy Conrad

On-site Manager - Breakwater Townhomes

Victor Morales

West Drive Apartments On-site Manager

Saray Barraza

Mauna Loa Apartments On-site Manager

Our Apartments Maintenance Team

Ozzy Castro

Maintenance Manager/Resident Manager - Lincoln

John McGrory

Senior Maintenance Technician

Enrique Sotelo

Maintenance Technician

Rusty Miller

Maintenance Technician

Fernando Ubeso

Maintenance Technician