‚Äč Scam Warning: If you are approached by someone who asks you to call them at a number that is not listed on our web site and/or asks you to mail funds to a different address, it is a SCAM. Don't become a victim. If sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here is a link for a recent news article related to this on NBC San Diego 7: Copy and Paste this link into your browser: https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/Fake-Apartment-Listings-Flooding-Local-Rental-Market-482972991.html?utm_content=71678787&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook

Team Roster

In any organization, the quality of its products and services is determined by the quality of its people. This is especially true of a company like ours where our product is service. We are proud of our employees and very happy with the longevity that we have enjoyed with most of them. We look for one important quality above all others... character. We feel that particular skills can be taught but the traits of honesty, loyalty and dedication must be ingrained for us to be successful. We feel very fortunate to have the following individuals on the Chamberlain Property Management Team!

A Few Great Reasons to Choose Chamberlain Property Managment:

Our Management

Mike Chamberlain
Vickie Cap
Vice President, Broker Associate
Greg Gorsuch
Vice President, Broker Associate

Our Leasing Team

Leah Osborn
Leasing Team Manager, Photographer
Connor Ernst
Leasing Team, Social Media
Karla Penuelas
Kristin Smith
Nicole Reyes

Our Apartments Maintenance Team

Fernando Ubeso
Fernando is one of our MVP maintenance technicians. He handles maintenance at various communities around North County. He is friendly and well respected. He has great knowledge and attention to detail. Fernando enjoys the beach and living in Southern California!
Jaime Ramirez
Jaime is another of our much appreciated and valued maintenance technicians. He spent several years as an electronics technician, then gained carpentry skills in a local cabinet shop before working for a general contractor to round out his skills. Jaime is a family man with a beautiful wife and 2 children who reside in Oceanside.

Our Support Team

Chrissy Walther

Pat McKinlay