The CPM Realty Story

CPM Realty was born out of requests from long-time clients who lived out of state and didn't have a relationship with a realtor. They did not want to be referred to someone they did not know when they already trusted us. Mike approached Greg Gorsuch with the idea of transitioning away from property management and focusing on sales. The rest, as they say, is history. Since 2016, Greg has represented dozens of clients and has successfully closed over $75 million in transactions.

In the past we have always referred our sales business to trusted local realtors. This is still our practice if you were originally referred to us by a realtor, or already have a trusted relationship. We encourage you to honor that relationship. However, if that is not the case and it’s time to sell or expand your portfolio, we commit to delivering a win/win solution.

Our goal is to offer an added benefit and service for our clients, not to grow the CPM Realty brand beyond the relationships Chamberlain Property Management, Inc. produces. Additionally, commissions are shared with all members of the CPM Team as it is truly a team effort. Visit the CPM Realty website for more information.

Our formula is simple...
  • We build trust and solid relationships over many years with our management clients and/or tenants
  • When they need representation in a sale or a purchase, we charge a reduced commission rate since we spend no time, money, or effort on lead generation
  • Alternatively, if they were referred to us by a realtor in the beginning, or if they have a trusted relationship already, we always encourage them to honor that relationship.
Additionally, our Property Managers are not allowed to pursue sales for two reasons:
  1. We do not want the lure of a sales commission to affect the property managers performance. Property management is a very busy and demanding job that requires full attention.
  2. You cannot excel at both when you are doing either part time… and we strive for excellence.

Whether you are buying or selling an investment property, or you are a potential 1st time home buyer, we would love to help you and continue the legacy of trust & integrity!

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