A few remarks from some of our clients and tenants...

CPM has been managing rental homes for us for about 12 years and working with Vickie Cap has been a wonderful experience for us. Her diligence, hard work and timely advice have been a huge help. She is a real gem.Since we've moved out of the state, we recently decided to sell our rental house and to get something closer to us. (We tried to get Vickie to follow us to South Dakota but, sadly, she declined. lol) We will soon be looking for a property management company here but have no doubt that we will have a very difficult time getting a manager with the knowledge and skill that we've found at CPM
Allen & Barba W.

Mike Chamberlain
Hi Mike,

Two months since my text detailing my difficulty and inability to maintain my apartment. I am happy to report I am working (actually I paid my August rent over two weeks early)! I am sure you are aware how professional your staff is. I wanted you to know Ana did an extraordinary job working to help allow me to maintain my apartment. I love my apartment and appreciate the professional staff. Just wanted you to know I appreciate the way you, your staff and especially Ana have treated me. I am doing well now and look forward to many years to come here. Thanks Mike,
Joe A

Mike Chamberlain
Want to tell you how grateful we are for our property manager/family member Vickie.

Friday evening we found the condo people walking away after filling up our trash bin, after just being emptied earlier that day.

Knowing we had the weekend to get through without an inch of space to place our trash, I called Vickie. She immediately came out (after hours) and took care of the situation in her usual calm, funny, professional and friendly manner, all the while stating this is what you do for family...

From all of us here at Blueberry, thank you for this amazing person and allowing us to be her "family".
Diane and Pete T

Hi Mike,
I'm sure you're all very busy this summer managing properties, but we wanted to make sure you and your team were aware what a great job Pam Thomas has done as we transitioned between tenants. When Pam did the walk through for our outgoing tenants, she noted the possibility of termite damage at our house and notified us about it. She scheduled the evaluation / termite inspection and got the report back from Major League Pest shortly before the incoming tenant was scheduled to move in. Termite damage was found, but the company had a 3 week wait for tenting houses to rid them of termites. Pam worked with Major League Pest to tent the house before the tenant moved in and only delayed the tenant's move in date by a few days.

We're glad Pam is our property manager. We wanted you & your team to know what a great job she did giving us bad news, and getting the tenting problem taken care of quickly while still working out a deal to take care of the new tenant too.

We had some billing questions that she was able to answer quickly too. We know your property managers are kept very busy year round, but summer is even more busy.

Please thank Pam for doing a good job.
Dan D. - Owner

Dear Mr. Chamberlain,
I avail myself of this opportunity to thank Chamberlain Prop. Management and, in particular, Pam Thomas for all you have done to take care of a water leak that occurred recently, caused by a neighboring unit. We are pleased that CPM is handling our property.

Best wishes and highest regards.
Michael L. - Owner

Mr. Chamberlain,
Chamberlain Property management has managed my condo on Englewood Way since I moved overseas from Carlsbad in 2004. I wanted to pass along to you how satisfied I am with the thoroughness and professionalism of your team over the past 13 years. Over the years I have had a number of issues of various types and each time your team has handled them in a responsive and efficient manner. Many fine people have played a role in all of this, for the past several years I have dealt primarily with Greg Gorsuch. Greg is a real pro and a stellar representation of your company. I feel well served and that my property is in good hands.
Jim H. - Owner, Colonel USMC (Retired)

Dear Mike,
What a blessing to be with a business like yours that has integrity. It would be impossible for me to manage the property myself living half way around the world.

Thank you for looking after my property with such honesty and my interests in mind.
Leanna N. - Owner

We have had the privilege of working with Erika throughout the rental process of our home in Carlsbad. From the time she came on board, Erika has handled all that needed to be accomplished on our property in a professional, timely, and positive manner. She is such a lovely, capable lady and we are grateful to have had an opportunity to work with her.

My husband and I both agree that Erika is an extraordinary person and one that Chamberlain can be proud to have as an employee.
Suzanne H. - Owner

5-Star Yelp
Hi to all that are facing one of the most important decision as I have and that is learning the steps on becoming a landlord for the first time. That's right I am a "ROOKIE", but I made the right choice by consulting a group recommended by a very close friend and they are Chamberlain Property Management, professionals with answers to what I thought had been easy questions on becoming a property owner and soon to be landlord.

I can tell you that it was the right decision and I couldn't be in better hands as I am with Amanda Foster consultant and representative for the Chamberlain Property Management.
Amanda answered question's I had not thought of which is a sign of a true professional, guiding me to becoming a good land owner to any tenant that may be interested in renting my home.
Amanda and the Chamberlain Property Management are there to protect my interests as well as any prospect interested in renting my home maybe even yours if you are considering taking the next step.
My recommendation is first, consult with professionals as I did to avoid the possibility of making "ROOKIE" mistakes that's lurking for the ill prepared.
Morris L. - Owner

5 Star Yelp
We have been using Chamberlain since buying a rental in Oceanside a few years ago. This year they (THANK YOU AMANDA) Hit It Out Of The Park!! We worked with our Property Manager to update an "OK-" place into one that's definitely going attract and keep quality tenants. Amanda fully supported our involvement in the FunStuff - tile floor removal - JACK HAMMERS -YES! She then provide excellent guidance on the rest, new floors, kitchen and bath "freshening", and all in SuperSonic Time. The tenant just moved in this week - SWEET!
Thomas A. - Owner

Dear CPM,
I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding team - in particular, Fernando, our maintenance guy! His ongoing commitment to the card and upkeep at the Mauna Loa apartments. Fernando takes the time to listen to the residents and offers positive suggestions to our maintenance problems. Thank you!
Tony P. - Tenant

Dear CPM Team,
Just want to thank Jaime, our maintenance technician at Village Point Apartments, for fixing my oven. It is balanced and cooking perfectly and I love not having the door squeak, as well as the cupboards! Thanks again!
Donna B. - Tenant

5 Star Yelp
To renters: from my side as a landlord, I know that CPM has been very responsive with my tenants--I see the work orders & bills ;-). My tenants were there 8 years, leaving only because they moved out of the area.
To owners: We have used several property management companies over the past two decades and three properties. None has come close to the quality and responsiveness of CPM. We've used CPM all 8 years that we've owned this unit (house in O-Side) and never once considered changing. CPM is proactive. For example: recently aware that our tenant was moving out, CPM conducted a whole-house review, made recommendations for improvements, cleared them all with me, and had the work lined up to start as soon as the property was vacant. They had all the work completed and the unit rented in LESS than one month. At first I was nervous because they wanted to do so much work, but CPM has developed strong ties to service providers with good quality and reasonable costs. So it all paid off. The subsequent bump in rent will cover the improvements quickly, and the higher quality of the unit brings a higher quality tenant. Credit goes to our current manager, Jennifer, who stays on top of things and is very responsive to me and to my tenants. With Jennifer and the CPM team on the job, I don't have to fuss with rental property anymore. So rare to find such competence today.
Marietta B. - Owner

5 Star Yelp
Chamberlain Property Management has been great! I have been living at the Merrywood Apartments in Carlsbad for 6 months now, and absolutely love it! It is in a great area right by the village, and the pricing is one of the best I've found in Carlsbad. I have worked directly with Orval the property manager here, and he has gone above and beyond to help me with any problems or concerns that I have. I would recommend anyone to live here!
Katie M. - Tenant

5 Star Yelp
Since 2012 my wife and I have been using Chamberlain Property Management located in Carlsbad, CA for the management of our rental property. The company is very professional. They advertise the rental property very well and screen potential tenants very carefully. They have always been able to find tenants without delay so that are our property remains rented whenever the rental contract expires and new tenants are needed. The company has always obtained for us the top rental rate. What we appreciate highly is the peace-of-mind that the company offers us when we are aware that this is a top-notch company whereby there is no need for us to lift a finger. They do all that is needed to rent the property, maintain the property, and collect the rents for us. The monthly and final end-of-year accounting reports that they provide us are very professional. We are fortunate to have this company manage our property; and we have nothing but praise for this business.
Michael L. - Owner

5 Star Yelp
Chamberlain has been consistently great. They are responsive to requests, always on time and make it easy to feel like you are in good hands. I have appreciated how smoothly things run and how nice they maintain their properties. Thank you Chamberlain!
Rozie M. - Tenant

I want to express to you in a note, how pleased I have been with Amanda's professionalism and service. We both know the challenge our tenant has presented over time at our unit in Carlsbad. Amanda is prompt in returning phone calls and emails. She has also managed to keep our tenant calm and work with her on some repairs that were needed.

You are fortunate to have Amanda as part of your team and thank you.

Jim E. - Owner

4 Star Yelp
I rented an apartment with 1 roommate in Carlsbad and the process could not have been easier. The lease approval process took no longer than a week. Chamberlain is very good about communication and is even available for calls on weekends (for prospective renters).

We worked directly with Cynthia S. who I have to give a big shoutout and thank you to. She always responded to our inquires by email or phone within the same day or within 1 day if we contacted her late. We had a couple of minor repairs needed in the home that were routine, but we contacted Cynthia about them and she was on it with a repairman that week!

In short, Chamberlain made the renting process very easy for us and I would definitely recommend this company for those looking to rent a home or apartment.
Nick K. - Tenant

Dear Mike,
Our re-rent was handled professionally and efficiently. We have a great new tenant. Thanks for an exceptionally easy transition. Alicia is very responsive!
Paul & Julianne N. - Owners

Dear Mr. Chamberlain,
Chamberlain Property Management has managed property for us since November 2007. Your excellent team made owning rental property a positive experience for us. Our tenants and property were well taken care of through the years. When our last tenant left in July we decided it was time to sell. We have always recommended Chamberlain Property Management. You have excellent teams and we appreciate all you have done for us through the years.

Jana & Paul M. - Previous Owners

5 Star Yelp
Moving to California from another state with a short window to find a place to live, Chamberlain property management was instrumental in making our transition wonderful. This move happened almost a year ago, and every experience with Chamberlain since that move has been a continuation of that first experience.

Their online service, personal attention to our needs as renters, and even their checkout procedure when you leave a property, has been truly a pleasure. Thank you especially to Alicia Trust, who handled our transition into one of their properties and now our transition out of one of their properties with kindness, sensitivity, and most of all, professionalism. I strongly recommend Chamberlain property management.
Tony G. - Tenant

5 Star Yelp
My family and I have been tenants at a Chamberlain property (Garrison West - Oceanside) for 5 years and truly have nothing bad to say about them. They have worked overtime to make sure the tenants are happy here and any time there is something that needs to be repaired they respond quickly and it's ALWAYS tended to. They communicate well with us and have never caused me to feel like just another source of income. I recommended them to a relative who ended up moving into another one of their properties and is having an amazing experience with them as well.
Our property is well maintained and taken care of! We absolutely love having them as our property management company!

Great work everyone and thank you for all you do!!
Amanda C. - Tenant

5 Star Yelp
I lived at sea breeze apartments, a chamberlain property for a few years. Kathy was our property manager and she and the property were both excellent. Every maintenance request was promptly responded to and the complex was always kept in top notch shape. I would definitely recommend chamberlain and sea breeze apartments to anyone looking for their next home.
Stephen E. - Previous Tenant

Dear Mr. Chamberlain,
We want to take a few minutes from our very busy schedule to thank CPM and particularly the property manager Brenda Collins for a very fast and efficient transition of tenants of our condo in Oceanside.

Brenda Collins arranged for the release of previous tenants, a very thorough home inspection, and the installation of new tenants without the loss of a single day of rent.

We thank you all again for the efficient and professional management of our property. Best wishes for continued success.

Michael & Marie L. - Owners

Hi Mike,
Thank you, and the CPM team very much for doing a great job of advertising and renting our unit at an increased price!
It's a comfort knowing all of you are doing a great job for us.
William F. - Owner

5 Star Yelp
I rented a townhouse in Del Mar from Chamberlain Property Management and had a great experience. I got prompt service when ever I needed things fixed and loved that I could pay my rent online, very convenient! Ashley was great to work with. She was always available for questions or concerns. The reason I would recommend Chamberlain Property Management is because of their strict policies made me secure in knowing that the house I moved into was very well taken care of and I would not have to pay for someone before me and their mistakes. When moving I received all of my deposit back and am so happy about that. That alone is reason enough to want to rent from this company.
Pandora H. - Previous Tenant

5 Star Yelp
We have lived in an apartment complex (Garrison West apartments) managed by Chamberlain Property Management for over 2 years. We have been so impressed with Ana the on-site manager in the time we have lived here. She is so nice and you can tell she really cares about the property and the residents living there. She is always professional and courteous.
Lauren H. - Tenant

Hello Mr. Chamberlain,
I can't thank Chamberlain Properties enough for making this transition a very pleasant one. When we first moved in we were very concerned with previous property manager's professionalism and ethic. Fortunately, that experience was temporary. Now, with CPM, I can't think of one thing warranting a complaint. True customer service has been observed and we both really appreciate that.

At any rate, I specifically wanted to talk about Ms. Cynthia Scott. She truly deserves acknowledgement for her ability to make a bad experience a very good one. She understands customer service and I have to praise her for that skill set. With employee turnover being a costly expense, you must feel fortunate to have an all star employee like Ms. Scott.

Good on you for providing a good work environment for your employees and taking property management to the next level. You have definitely establish a great reputation here in the village.

All the best,
Joseph Y. - Tenant

Hi Mike,
I couldn't be happier with the service. I have recommended CPM to all people that have asked. Some mention that they can't see themselves giving up the management fee, but I tell them the peace of mind has been worth every penny.

Alicia has been great. We don't over communicate, which is how I prefer it. I only want to be contacted when there is an issue. I don't need constant updates, I trust that my property is taken care of.

I visited the condo in Dec 2013 for the first time since moving out in 2009. The visit was arranged by Alicia and the tenant. It was in great shape and looked very similar to the condition I left it in, which is amazing. I have actually heard a lot of horror stories about other property managers and tenants and I feel luck to have worked with your team. Your screening process is clearly working. It is also great to not have to chase tenants for rent. Keep up the good work.

Jason C. - Owner

Just a quick note to let you know how very pleased I am with my property manager Brenda Collins. I had a plumbing issue in Sept and Brenda took over. She has been a pleasure to work with and I felt that Chamberlain was really involved. I am a very happy customer now and cannot thank you and your team enough. Brenda evenhandedly took charge and overcame a number of issues to ensure that both myself and my tenants were well served. You all are really doing a great job.

Thanks again,
Art C. - Owner

First, let me say how pleased we are with your company and the property management efforts on our behalf. The property managers are always timely with information or replies to questions, are on top of maintenance issues and have been diligent in keeping our property rented for a fair market price. When anyone asks, I highly recommend CPM, and always say that your monthly fee is some of the best money I spend.

Thanks again for your service,
Saxon R. - Owner

5 Star Yelp
We just signed a lease with Chamberlain and we are pleased with the process from the first call we had with Mary to coming in and sitting down with Brenda to working with Nicole on our application. So far, really easy and smooth. Feel like this needs to be mentioned here on Yelp.
Tanya P. - Tenant

We had a great experience with Amanda. She is very proactive and detailed.
David & Natasha E. - Owners

Hi Mike,
In regards to our experience with the CPM Team, overall, I'd like to say that this is by far the best managing company we have dealt with. I would also like for you to please show some recognition to Vickie Cap she is a great property manager and our move in/move out experience could not have been better. She is very attentive to all of our needs and response time from her was quick. She is a great asset to your company and my husband and I thought you should know. Thank you all for your time we appreciate everything.
Maureen & Oliver - Previous Tenants

Good Morning Mike,
I'm writing a little note to thank you and your company for your service in Carlsbad. I recently moved to Encinitas and only wish I could of had the same kind of great customer service that I had with your company.

Another property management company made it difficult for me to become a tenant in more then 4 to 5 ways.
I won't get into specifics but I will just say it wasn't a pleasant experience. A smiling handshake a courtesy call those are all things that make working with a company a pleasant experience, I did not get any of that with the other company.

Working with Vickie and the rest of your team on the other hand was a pleasant experience and in the future if I for some reason move back to Carlsbad I will be calling your company 100% for sure!!! Thank you.
Paul E. - Previous Tenant

5 Star Yelp
It's sad to see how many people use Yelp just to vent about issues that probably could have been resolved in a calm manner, and, with all the facts and misunderstandings made clear.
I rent an apartment from Chamberlain and have no complaints. Everyone has always been professional, and requests have been met in a timely manner.
Should an issue arise, I feel that contacting management would give CPM and I the opportunity to see both sides of the matter.
Having owned Rental Properties in the past, I am aware of how quickly some people "fly off the handle", jump to conclusions, make assumptions, and won't listen to reason in the heat of their moment.
I also understand that some people, no matter how hard Management tries to help, just think they are right and like to jump on their soapbox rather than really listen to what's being said.
With that said, I am happy with Chamberlain and will continue to recommend them!
Donna B. - Tenant

Dear Mike,
I would like to thank Amanda Nash for her professionalism and the way that she represented your company this past week. Amanda was always extremely polite and highly informative to me and she was able to answer any and all questions that I asked about the property. She was patient and sincere, and I came away very impressed with the way she conducted herself throughout the process. She does not have an easy job.

Again, thank you very much. I would highly recommend your company to my colleagues and friends.
(Full name used with permission)
Dr. Carl Edwards - Rental Applicant

Dear Mike,
Professional with great communication. We rented a house in La Costa/Carlsbad area from Chamberlain some years ago and had a great experience. Maintenance was always very kind and responsive, and our agent was always easy to get a hold of and there for us. Probably one of the only rentals where we ever received 100% of our security deposit which was a plus!

This company is built on great people and it is very clear that this is a priority to them.
Andrew B. - Previous Tenant

I would like to thank Oise, Vickie and Kadie for the time spent with us on our move-in. We really appreciate how thorough the process was. They have all been very kind during this transaction and the professionalism is fantastic!
Michel L. & Mark J. - Tenants

Dear Mike,
This is to advise you of the outstanding service that Ashley provides to both the property owner and tenant.

We rented a property through Chamberlain for three years. Throughout that time I have been very impressed with how Ashley has gone "above and beyond". She truly tries to find a "win-win" solution in each situation.

Ashley also seems to really care about making the experience of living in a property managed by Chamberlain a positive one. It really made a difference to us!
Mark M. - Tenant

Oise was amazing in helping us with the moving and renting process. She is most definitely a great person to have on your team! Thanks!
Marisol F. - Tenant

5 Star Yelp
This is a very good management team. The staff is always friendly and quick to reply with any questions that might come up. My wife and I are very pleased with the way out agent handled everything in such a timely manner.

I would recommend them to my friends and family.

A Plus +!!!
Claudio M G. - Tenant

5 Star Yelp
I have rented from Chamberlain for the past 2 years and have had a wonderful experience. Having owned my own home for 10+ years it was hard to consider renting but I have been very satisfied with the service from Alicia and the rest of the staff. I have had a few maintenance needs since I've been here and they were taken care quickly and professionally. I recently had John do a great job at replacing a faulty water heater. He was here until well after working hours to get the job done. He took care of everything.

I would not hesitate in recommending Chamberlain to anyone who is looking for a rental.
Carla A. - Tenant

Hi Mike,
I wanted to take a quick minute to drop you a line of our sincerest thanks for Chamberlain's professional, top notch representation of not only your owners but your tenants as well.

My husband Brett and I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Vickie Cap during our 2 year stay as tenants and she has been the most amazing, honest, hard-working advocate of both the owner and of us. We had a plumbing issue in our rental home and Vickie was such an asset in that experience from making sure the work was scheduled and complete on time to speaking with my insurance adjuster all the while making sure the owner had the best bids in hand. While it was a major inconvenience and disruption, we honestly were in no better hands than hers and Chamberlain's. We of course can't discount the owner being responsive to the repairs and also facilitating a rent concession for the time we were displaced. I think that says a great deal about the quality of owners you elect to represent and the ethics your company abides by.

As I expressed to Vickie, we've had an excellent experience with Chamberlain. I want to thank you and especially Vickie. If we ever have the need to lease or refer someone, without hesitation it will be Chamberlain Property Management.

Our sincerest thanks and continued best wishes for your success. I commend you and Vickie on the utmost personal character and professional business ethics. Notably refreshing!

Melissa & Brett D. - Tenants

5 Star Yelp
We have rented from Chamberlain for over 4 years, and we have never had a complaint. The manager and maintenance staff have been fantastic. Once, when our refrigerator died late on a Friday night, the head of maintenance came himself to make sure we were ok and that we had somewhere to put our perishable food. Fernando comes in like a good fairy and fixes things while I am at work, and he always leaves the place spotless after he's done working.

Our rent has only been raised a small amount in four years, and our neighbors are really nice. Our manager is a wonderful person who goes out of her way to help any tenant (or those in the neighborhood.)

When I had a technical problem submitting our rent online, Mike Chamberlain himself got back to me within a few hours with a solution. Rachelle is great, too.

In short, I feel like we're living with people who care about us, and we probably won't ever want to leave.
Jessica M. - Tenant

Dear Mike,
We would like to express our extreme satisfaction with the CPM staff, notably Ashley Rosas, for all of the assistance over the past two years. Your team has earned our trust and we feel confident that we can refer your property managment company to the many military, government and civilian personnel we come in contact with daily.

Thank you and best wishes,
Jodi S. - Tenant

My name is Jim H., I have been a client of CPM since 2004. CPM manages my property in Carlsbad. I wanted to drop you a note and mention how pleased I was with the great service provided by Oise last year. I have been quite satisfied in my 10 years with CPM, but Oise really went above and beyond recently.

When my tenant's lease expired in August , working with Oise we decided the time was right to vacate the property for a while and do a facelift and upgrade. She did a great job at tying up the numerous loose ends with the outgoing tenant and then tackled the oversight of the renovation project. She was incredible. Arranged and oversaw the various contractors and keep me up to date with options and updates. I was thrilled with the outcome! The condo looked better than when I lived there ten years ago!

She then was tireless in marketing the place and getting a new tenant in quickly. A great job by a real professional.
Jim H. - Owner

5 Star Yelp
I have been renting from cpm for the past 15 months. I was a bit hesitant at the start after reading the yelp reviews but my wife convinced me to consider one of their rentals. I personally have not had any problems with them. Customer service has been pleasent and service requests have been taken care of in a timely manner. Renting from cpm has been positive for us.
Shaun S. - Tenant

Hi Mike,
We are long-time clients of CPM and have always been happy with the services we've received as rental property owners. But I would be remiss if I didn't take yet another opportunity to tell you what I'm sure that you already know....Ashley Rosas is an absolutely WONDERFUL property manager! We are currently in the midst of a situation where a long-time tenant is breaking her lease and vacating the property early. As always, Ashley has been the consummate professional throughout this stressful time and is a tireless advocate for us. I cannot tell you how much we value our relationship with Ashley, and I've grown to rely on her instincts and help with all of our rental properties.

Frankly, I am always amazed when I hear of rental properties owners who opt to manage their own units...there is definitely a strong role in this crazy world for a GOOD property manager, and Ashley is the best of the best.
Patty G. - Owner

Hi Mike,
It is with great sadness that I am informing you that I will be moving. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and hate to leave the neighborhood. You have a wonderful team of people working for you. I hope our paths cross again. All the best!
Dee F. - Tenant

5 Star Yelp
I was fortunate enough to come across Chamberlain Property Management nine years ago, as a tenant. I found their staff to be professional, courteous and very responsive. As time has gone by, they have put in new processes and technology to better service their tenant's needs. I imagine as a property owner, the experience is the same. I would highly recommend Chamberlain Property Management as a tenant or property owner.
Dee F. - Previous Tenant

Hi Mike,
I just wanted to thank you, Ozzy and Vickie. I really appreciate you all taking care of this situation for me in a timely manner as my kitchen was starting to get really messy!

Abundant thanks to you and YOUR TEAM - I appreciate your professionalism - especially Ozzy - he did an outstanding job for me today!
Noelle W. - Tenant

Hi Mike,
After 10 years as a Chamberlain tenant, Robert and I have been blessed to finally become home owners. We are so excited. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again, for all the years of service that you and your company have given.

I would be remiss, if I didn't also mention what an amazing property manager Vickie has been. She has been the friendliest, most efficient person I have had the pleasure to know there. I always felt like I was speaking to a friend, whenever I called her.

Thanks again for everything!
Shelli F. - Previous Tenant

I know so often people are quick to write a complaint when things don't go the way they think they should. And it's a shame that so often good customer service goes unrecognized. But I couldn't let tat happen here today, because the customer service I received from one of your team members was phenomenal.

I want to let you know what exceptional service Ashley Rosas provided for me.

Ashley went above and beyond all of my expectations in helping me out when it was time to move out from the condo I rented though your company.

Chamberlain Properties is extremely fortunate to have such a delightful, conscientious, and dedicated employee. She is the epitome of great customer service. I suspect she is providing exceptional service all the time with many other clients. I just thought you should know what a great ambassador Ashley is for your firm, always presenting herself in a positive and professional manner.

Ashley Rosas deserves special recognition. She is a true professional.
Joe S. - Previous Tenant

Your company and your people have made the time fly by with excellent service and communication.
Doug W. - Owner

CPM has been managing my rental property since 2007. First was our house in Leucadia, and now is our townhouse at Aviara. Oise Bailey became our representative when we sold the Leucadia house and did a 1031 purchase of the townhouse on Cormorant in Carlsbad. The reason for this e-mail is to thank Chamberlain Property Management for years of wonderful service, and in particular to make you aware of how happy we are with the exemplary workmanship of Oise.
Thanks again.
Brooke D. - Owner

4 Star Yelp
I stumbled across Chamberlain Property Management's website and I must say that it is done very well and convenient for residents, property owners and prospects.

I like the easy to find homes that are on the market and the pricing available. With our busy schedule it's convenient that you can schedule a showing rather than waiting during business hours. (I know we all work during the day so it's hard for me to pick up the phone and call)

I will definitely contact them for pricing and availabilty and update my review once I make contact with them. Well done CPM Property Management Co.
Nette B. - Prospective Tenant

Hi Mike,
So far everything has been smooth and we really enjoy our condo. Alicia has been great to work with and Ozzy from maintenance was very professional and helpful with the plumbing maintenance in our home.

We really appreciate the values and work ethic of your company. Thank you!
Elizabeth & Michael L. - Tenants

5 star Yelp review (hidden by Yelp's filter - look under "Filtered")
We are currently and have been working with Chamberlain Property Management both as landlords and as tenants. In both situations we have found them to be considerate, professional and attentive to our needs. Mike is awesome and really went above and beyond to help us find our current temporary rental and his team continues to take care of our every need quickly. As landlords we always had prompt and professional service for our rental too. Thank Mike and team!
Gillian P - Owner

5 Star Yelp
We are currently and have been working with Chamberlain Property Management both as landlords and as tenants. In both situations we have found them to be considerate, professional and attentive to our needs. Mike is awesome and really went above and beyond to help us find our current temporary rental and his team continues to take care of our every need quickly. As landlords we always had prompt and professional service for our rental too. Thank Mike and team!
Gillian P. - Owners

Service through Greg is spectacular. I have been totally impressed over the last 2 years. Greg is sensitive to my needs and I think very highly of him.
Sharon R. - Owner

5 star Yelp review (hidden by Yelp's filter - look under "Filtered")
I recently went on a hunt to find a great home to lease. I must say it is a jungle out there, but when I ran into Chamberlain, I was pleasantly surprised to find how easy it could be.
Their processes are extremely well streamlined and their employees are extremely competent and courteous.
Once we decided that we liked a property, the application and all subsequent documentation processes were on-line. We ended up renting a property from Chamberlain and I am pleased to say that the experience was about as good as it gets.
David C - Tenant

I know that your primary loyalty must be with the clients you are representing but I truly feel that you go that extra step trying to meet the needs of the renters.

My sincere appreciation.
Jean L. - Tenant

It really has been a welcome change to work with your professional organization (particularly after the constant headaches we went through with our last property management company). You make renting much easier!
Thank you.
Robert & Laura B. - Owners

Dear Mike,
I want to let you know that you have an amazing team who is very professional, helpful and give wonderful customer service.
Whitney M. - Prospective Tenant

Hi Mike,
Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for all the help you have been over the past 24 years! The sale went smoothly with the help of Vickie and Greg, their communication during the process was exemplary.

You have a great team and I am sure that the new owner/client will be as pleased as I have been.
Our thanks to you and the TEAM.
Don & Maryann F. - Owners

5 star Yelp review (hidden by Yelp's filter - look under "Filtered")
Chamberlain is the best when it comes to property management companies. They were always professional, prompt and concerned if I had an issue with the house. The years I spent in my little house at the beach were some of the best of my life and a lot of that was because I had a great experience with Chamberlain. If/When I move back to Carlsbad, it will be to a Chamberlain managed property.
Anita - Former Tenant

HI Mike,
I have been a resident of the CPM Team for 2 years and I have to say I am really glad I am a resident for your property management company. I have spoken to Mike directly on issues that have been resolved, and Cynthia over at Villa Real, when she used to work there, and resolved all issues and misunderstandings. In addition to my new rental I am at now, Orval is absolutely great and I honestly am planning on staying with CPM as long as I rent, even if I move to another location. I couldn't ask for a better "team". So thank you!!!
Rhonda S. - Tenant

Dear Mike,
Our property manager team of Ashley and Nicole are great! We really appreciate all of their hard work.
Carrie B. - Owner

Dear Mike,
After 5 years as a Chamberlain tenant, my husband and I have bought a new home. I am ever grateful for their help 5 years ago when we needed to find a quick rental. At the time Greg Gorsuch was assigned to us as our property manager. Greg was amazing. He loves his job and it shows. He was quick to reply to my concerns and questions, checked on us monthly either by call or email. Greg always made us feel cared for. Not like "tenants."
2 years ago, when the owner of the house we were living in decided to sell the home, Greg communicated promptly between the owners and us and made that time as smooth as possible for both parties. He helped us transition to a new Chamberlain home and to a new property manager.
Throughout the past 2 years I found myself still reaching out to Greg for support as our new property manager was not as assertive or responsive as Greg. He really is a gem. He is the kind of employee that I hope to have and keep on my team.
You can tell that his objectives lie in doing the best thing for his company all the time. THAT'S RARE.
I will always refer friends and colleagues to CPM if/when they are in need.
Heidi R. - Former Tenant

5 Star Yelp
For some reason, the Chamberlain reviews are either very excellent or very bad and nothing in between. We own a condo in Carlsbad and when we had to move due to a job transfer, we decided to rent it out. We google property management company in San Diego and found this Yelp site listing a number of them. We narrowed down to four and spoke with them, got a bunch of their references and talked to the references. We were not satisfied with the references so we ended up Contacting Chamberlain even though their reviews were mixed. They provided us with several references, and after we spoke with them were very impressed. The reasons we were impressed were because all of them were long time Chamberlain clients, and provided very honest assessments of Chamberlain that seemed genuine. The other reasons were many of the owners were (and still are) in the military and stationed all over the country and I trust them to provide honest feed backs, both good and bad.

We have used them since July of 2012 and are very satisfied. They are not cheap and the people they used for maintenance and repair were not the cheapest but they did
quality work. One of the fears of owners is that management companies sometimes do unnecessary maintenance and repair. I did not detect any of that here.

Based on the correspondences I had with Chamberlain on maintenance and repair, I do not believe they delayed or refused the tenants request for repair or maintenance since they requested my OK every time an issue needed to be resolved and as soon as I OK, it was done.
Wah L. - Owner

Hi Mike,
I just wanted to say that your crew has done a great job taking care of my house, both in repairs, maintenance and general monthly activities.

Most of all, I want to thank Ashley for coordinating all activity on the house, from renting all the way up to today. The house has been well cared for and being out of state, this is a big relief. Please thank everyone for me!
Mike C. - Owner

Dear Mike,
Thank you for landing a new renter for our property at 238 Riverview Way. We are very impressed with the attention that Connie has extended to our particular case. We greatly appreciate her efforts and prompt handling of the vacancy. We look forward to working with the CPM team.
Brian L. - Owner

4 star Yelp review (hidden by Yelp's filter - look under "Filtered")
I thought that renting with a big property management company would be impersonal and expensive, but Chamberlain had a property that I loved, so I decided to go for it. I have been in my home for 7 months and it has been nothing but the opposite of what I thought! I even got a Christmas card from my Property Manager. I am very pleased with my whole experience in renting
Rhonda T. - Tenant

4 Star Yelp
I thought that renting with a big property management company would be impersonal and expensive, but Chamberlain had a property that I loved, so I decided to go for it. I have been in my home for 7 months and it has been nothing but the opposite of what I thought! I even got a Christmas card from my Property Manager. I am very pleased with my whole experience in renting
Rhonda T. - Tenant

Dear Mike,
The service has been excellent. Ashley has communicated with us every step along the way, she is wonderful. Thanks!
Emily W. - Owner

5 star Yelp review (hidden by Yelp's filter - look under "Filtered")
I will easily give a 5+ star because we just had two of Chamberlains maintenance men (John and John) come and replace 4 of our water heaters.
They were not only expedient but very professional and extremely polite. So I would like to thank both John and John for making our Christmas a warm one with warm running water.
Thank you again and have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
Jennifer G. - Tenant

I cannot believe we have been working together for literally decades. That relationship speaks well for your company and your team. It truly means a lot to us that there still exists in this country a "work ethic" and a commitment "to do a good job each and every day". You and your Team has proven to us that there is "STILL HOPE" for our "great country".
Karen and George M. - Owners

Hi Mike,
I want to let you know how much I appreciate Oise's help in working through a hot water heater flood that occurred at my rental home on Arcadia Way. Getting this problem resolved from beginning to end took almost two months. During this time, Oise was on track and maintained close communications with me. She patiently worked with the neighbor next door, who's water heater broke, three contractors, the insurance field inspector and even provided input to the insurance company that helped me get full payment for the damages.

She braved through it all and was tenacious in her follow through. She was also very helpful in making suggestions on replacement cabinets and counters in the kitchen. In addition, she kept the tenants calm and satisfied that we were getting things fixed as fast as possible.

I believe Oise went beyond the call of duty and I want you to know how much I am grateful having her as my property manager and how well she represents Chamberlain.
Larry L. - Owner

4 star Yelp review
I'm a fan. I found their web site to be very helpful when searching for a rental. They had a list of available properties with photos and details. I submitted a request online to view one of the homes and someone called me right back to schedule an appointment.

They were on time to the showing and the condo was exceptionally clean. We filled out an online application right away and had an answer quickly.

We have been really happy with their management services thus far. After move in we discovered a problem outside that was HOA related and put in a work request online. Right away they handled the situation and kept constant communication open with us...I would definitely use their services again and recommend them to friends.
Erin W. - Tenant

I've worked with four different management companies through the years. Of the four companies, yours is heads above the rest and I couldn't be happier with the service I get from Chamberlain and especially from Greg. Greg responds within hours, sometimes minutes, when I have a question or a problem that needs to be fixed. The people you send out to fix things are always professional and do a great job.

Lastly, your Renters Portal is great, I like being able to pay my rent online and also the ability to enter maintenance requests online is very convenient.

Thanks again and keep up the great service.
Vaughn B. - Tenant

Hello Mike,
I'd like to say when requesting maintenance - Vicki calls immediately to schedule and the guys are here before we can even give it another thought. And on that note - our last request, maintenance came out right away (again) and fixed our little hot water problem to perfection. Much thanks to you and your team.
Diane T. - Tenant

You recently sent out a repair/maintenance technician to work on our plumbing. His name is Ozzy and he's been here a few times over the last 2 years. He is a high-quality worker. He speaks the truth and he really cares about doing good work. I've been a licensed contractor for over 25 years. I can spot a good tradesman and one that is equally good with customers is rare. Because of this quality tech, I never worry that my property manager will have anything less than excellent work done on my home. Thank you.
Tom M. - Tenant

I was completely satisfied with all aspects of service while living in the home on Warbler Ct. Ashley always responded and took care of any needs we encountered, and any service that was done was attended to promptly and completely. Any agent we spoke with was always professional and responded to us with proper answers and made sure any messages were delivered. Thanks CPMTEAM!
Rose B. - Tenant

4 Star Yelp
I agree with the other Reviewers that a 40 dollar per person application fee is excessive. However I had a positive experience with the company. After reading the horrible Yelp reviews, I almost didn't rent with them, but I checked their client list and it appears that they manage a large number of properties. I liked the place so we decided to go for it and hope for the best.

We signed a six month lease at a place in Oceanside. I got a new job near the end of the lease so we moved out after exactly 6 months. We treated the place well, got the carpets cleaned as agreed and spent a few hours cleaning. It wasn't a professional cleaning and it wasn't perfect, but it was not perfect when we moved in. Less than a week after moving Out we received a check for our full security check.

I have lived in a number of apartments, and felt this was a professional company that treated us well.

The expensive rental application fee is the only reason I can't give this place 5 stars.
Eric S. - Previous Tenant

Ashley and her team provide us with excellent service. We look forward to the continued excellent service in the future. Thanks to Ashley!
Virginia L. - Owner

4 Star Yelp
Yes, sometimes there are problems, But it seems tenants do not Know the rules or at the very Least READ the leases.

I have rented and understand that you DO not always Get Pet Deposits back, I had to pay extra so fleas or odors of Pets weren't passed on to the next tenant. It is a privilege that a pet owner is even allowed to rent so they have to pay extra to have the pet, Like paying extra to have a 2nd person in a Motel, even though it is the same room. Your pet is like a special boarder.

Deposits are never given out UNTIL a house is vacated and the keys and full use of the house given back to be rented again.

I have Rented and had to give notice and wait for a deposit. with the internet, and the state having ALL kinds of Publications about the laws of renting Maybe some persons should Read these before SIGNING a lease.

I have had to read a lease, or a loan for a car, and if you did not read every word, Well sometimes you get stuck cause you didn't pay attention to the DETAILS........
Karen E H. - Tenant

4 star Yelp review (hidden by Yelp's filter - look under "Filtered")
As an owner who lives out of town, I must say the Chamberlain Property Mgmt has taken the headache and worry out of the whole renting experience.
Once I decided to rent my home, the CPM team got things moving quickly and efficiently while I wasn't even in town. Availability of immediate service/repair team and experience in handling rentals for years, the entire team was professional and diligent.
Handing my home over to them to manage was the best decision I made. They understand the market and they understand the business. I would definitely recommend CPM to owners looking to rent.
Sarah F. - Owner

Dear Mike,
I would like to commend Ashley to you. As you might be aware, we have had problems with leaks, termites, landscaping, and other issues of wear and tear at both of our condos. Ashley has been very quick to help us solve the many problems that have come, and has provided information and supervision to contractors and tenants. Both Dorothy and I greatly appreciate the service she, and Chamberlain, have provided to us.
James O. - Owner

Hello Mike,
I co-own one of the properties in Vista that Chamberlain manages. Mari has been helping us and she is totally professional and knowledgeable. She made this process so easy and she went out of her way to be accommodating every step of the way. If I know of anyone who needs management services, I will highly recommend Chamberlain.
Donna T. - Owner

5 Star Yelp
After owning a home for 4 years, we were terrified of renting. We wanted something for our growing family and were having a tough time finding a property that met our criteria. In fact, two property management companies referred us to Mari Stryjewski at Chamberlain when they had nothing to offer. I sat down with Mari on a Monday and was moved into our dream home 12 days later. I call her my angel. With 2 small children, the process was stressful, but she made it easy and seamless. I am compelled to write this review after my experience today. I called her at 10am with an issue, she was at my house at 11:30 and had a guy from her team out to my house at 4:30pm. Not to mention it was a Saturday!! I was blown away. Besides being a phenomenal property manager, she is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. I kept thinking of ways I can repay her, and this is one way I can think of. As my family went for a swim in our community pool and played on our neighborhood park, I was overwhelmed with happiness and I attribute that 100% to Mari and her team. I am endlessly thankful for her and I can't wait to spread the word about her services.
Jennie H. - Tenant

5 star Yelp review (hidden by Yelp's filter - look under "Filtered")
Mike Chamberlain has been the property manager of my 7 unit apartment building for 18 years and I think that may just about say it all! Prior to Mike, I dealt very unsuccessfully for several years with 3 other managers, who for the most part were just rent collectors!
As a recent widow trying to keep the property, I needed much more help with maintaining the property to the high standards than my husband and I had had and in filling the units with quality tenants. When I found Mike, my prayers were answered! The building was somewhat run down due to the neglect of the previous managers and had been filled with less than desirable tenants. He immediately saw the problems and quickly turned the whole situation around!
Ever since then I have had complete confidence in him and keeping the property has been a breeze! He takes as much pride in the building as I would and has filled it with many long term, satisfied tenants over the years.
Recently he has taken over the complete remodel of several of the units and done a spectacular job in updating them. His knack for design is fabulous, together with a sense of practicality and cost effectiveness. It is such a relief just to turn all the problems of remodeling over to him and his capable staff.
Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to know many of his staff and workers---all have been very courteous, friendly, easy to work with and promptly address any issues that come up and I really feel like "part of the family" of Chamberlain Property Management. I am looking forward to many more years with the company and would like to thank Mike for his devotion to me! He is always there to respond to any concerns and I always feel so much better when he takes over because I know it will be resolved!
He is definitely one of a kind in his line of business and I do not believe anyone could match him!
Carole R. - Owner

Dear Greg,
I am no longer with Chamberlain Property Management and confess to missing the security I felt with you. Once you came on the scene all became better for me. Thank you for a job well done and the courtesy you have always shown me. I will continue to recommend Chamberlain as the management company for Oceanside. Good luck to you.
Krystyna V. - Former Tenant

Hi Mike,
We have been long-time CPM clients, and Ashley manages our 3 rental units. I'm sure it will come as no surprise to you when I say that Ashley is AMAZING! She is the consummate professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her.
Patty G. - Owner

5 star Yelp review (hidden by Yelp's filter - look under "Filtered")
We live in Ireland and purchased a property in Oceanside which we hope to retire to. Until that day arrives we needed a reliable management company to not just let and manage the letting, but to ensure the property was maintained as if it were our home.
We have dealt with different letting agents in Chamberlain and found them to be very reliable in ensuring the property was well maintained and any concerns of ours or of our tenants are dealt with quickly and professionally.
Chamberlain came to us on a recommendation and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.
Isolde H. - Owner

I did conduct a painstaking research of property management companies before I chose Chamberlain. I wish to help other owners through that process, by giving them a peace of mind to know that Chamberlain is a company that will take an excellent care of their properties. No owner ever believes that a company will care about their property as much as they themselves do, and yet with Chamberlain it is simply a fact and everyday business as usual.
Maria M. - Owner

Dear Mike,
Jennifer and Mari exceeded my expectations. They were very helpful and communicative - excellent job!
Maggie L. - Owner

Dear Richele,
We had a great experience and wish we didn't have to move. So easy and convenient. Buck was an awesome manager. Absolutely no complaints!
Carolyn T. - Tenant

5 star Yelp review (hidden by Yelp's filter - look under "Filtered")
We have worked with Chamberlain Properties for two full years and have found them to be professional, respectful, and kind.
They have a number of directly employed repair people that in every case are respectful, professional and do great work.
My experience is they are fair in dealing with both the home owner and tenant. In our many dealings with staff and contractually I have found them to be above board and fair. I have enjoyed working with their staff and highly recommend them.
On a professional note, I am a business consultant (they are not a client nor do they pay me) and one of the highest compliments you can give a company is earning the status of being a principled (ethical) company in how they run their business, hire their staff and train their people - based on my (and my families) personal experience and interaction with Chamberlain Properties and their staff. Thanks for the awesome service Greg and team!
Tom T. - Owner

Dear Mike,
Greg is awesome - we appreciate all of the hard work and dedication. Great job!
Derek & Brigette G. - Owners

Dear CPM,
Jennifer has been fantastic! It's been a pleasure!
Michael M. - Tenant

Hi Mike,
High standards, quality service - congratulations on your anniversary and steadfastness. You should be proud of yourself and what you've created through hard work, business savvy, and charisma. Appreciate doing business with CPM over the past 10 years!
Becky B. - Owner

Angela & CPM Team,
We are saddened to leave the property as we have had a truly pleasant experience, but we have just signed the closing documents to purchase our first home! Angela, thank you for always being a text away and responsive when we've had questions. Thank you all for a wonderful tenancy!
Jason S. & Bonnie B. - Tenants

It is always a pleasure to deal with your staff especially Ashley. Thank you for your great service.
Anil A. - Owner

Dear Chris,
I just wanted you to know that Fran showed my wife and me a property last week, she was very helpful and honestly a joy to be with. While we have not found a rental place yet, she really made an impression on us and is a great ambassador for your company!
John G. - Prospective Tenant

Dear Mike,
The past few months a lot of repair work has been needed at my condo and Ashley has responded timely and also informed me about everything she was doing. I appreciate her keeping me informed. You and your staff have served me well over the 10+ years.
Susan W. - Owner

5 star Yelp review (hidden by Yelp's filter - look under "Filtered")
In an age where service is a lost art, I just want to say that we experienced two years of the best service that could of ever been provided by Greg and the team at Chamberlain!!
We had two years of worry free, well managed service! You couldn't ask for more. Thanks again!
David F. - Owner

Dear Mike,
Bonnie and I would like to extend our praise for Fernando. This past week, and pretty much our entire stay here, he has gone above and beyond for our repairs. We had forgot to list a kitchen drawer that the track had recently broke. While here to fix our disposal Fernando noticed it on the kitchen table and went ahead and fixed it. He is always very kind, professional and does a fantastic job. We couldn't ask for a better maintenance technician.
Jason S. - Tenant

Dear Mike,
This entire process was easy and all staff at Chamberlain Property Management were friendly and professional.
Fernando M. - Tenant

In today's tough world, Chamberlain Property Management shines as a solid organization with great people like you! Your firm is staffed with real pros. Thanks again for your help.
Ed E. - Tenant

Dear Ashley,
Thanks for checking on this. We really appreciate all your hard work in finding us new renters and just your overall hard work in general.
Geoff Y. - Owner

Dear CPM,
We have had an amazing experience with the team! We appreciate the communication and the diligence, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chamberlain.
Tom A. - Owner

Dear Chamberlain,
All went very smooth. Mari always returns calls promptly and is very easy to work with. Ashley was awesome in the "walk through"! Took care of all issues. We love our new home!
Jodi D. - Tenant

Dear Mike -
My son only wishes you were in TN. Since he has an awful time trying to find "reliable", "expert" property management people there! "You are the best"
T. M. - Owner

Dear Mike, Fern, Tony & the rest of your wonderful staff
Thanks for taking such good care of our rental property needs. You will always get a great endorsement from us!
Dave & Jane S. - Tenants

Happy New Year! I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your team for the excellent management of my former home on 240 Sophia Way and all of the support I received (especially from Mari). I consider it a blessing to have had the opportunity to work with your company. Mari went above and beyond to ensure that I had peace of mind re my home from the time she took over to the actual selling of the home. Thanks and may God continue to bless you, your team and your company.
Ginalyn H. - Owner

Dear Mike & Staff,
Thank you so much for making the past three years of renting such a hassle free experience. You and each member of your staff have always responded quickly and gone the extra mile. A special thank you to Tony who's positive attitude, cheerful disposition as well as his maintenance skills have been extraordinary. I have and will recommend you to anyone I know looking for a quality property management company.
Gail G. - Resident

Dear Mike, Kim & Staff,
After eight years our business relationship has come to an end but before we say good-bye, we most definitely want to say thank you for a job superbly done. Chamberlain Property Management has earned a very high reputation with us and we will pass the good word about the work you do whenever we can. We also want to thank you Kim for your expedient and efficient sale of the unit. Our thanks to Fern also for her help over the years. We really felt supported by the whole Chamberlain Team!
Fran & Ollie D. - Owner

Dear Mike,
You've got great customer service. I received my statement today with a picture. What a pleasant surprise! I can't begin to tell you how nice it is to see a current picture of the house you know and love. I like the way you do business!
Doug V. - Owner

Dear Mike
Thanks for all your help this past year. You were wonderful to work with in the change of tenants and did a great job in renovating our kitchen!
Sally & Jim J. - Owner

Dear Mike
Just wanted to express our appreciation to you and your staff for doing an outstanding job on managing our town home. It's rare to find someone who truly takes a personal interest in their clients problems. Please hold on to that attribute! Thanks!
Clarissa J. - Owner

Dear Kim,
Just a note to express my sincere thanks for the professional management of my rental property. Thanks for the monthly visits, photos, and market research. Please keep up the good work!
June Y. - Owner

4 Star Yelp
Although my first experience with Chamberlain was negative, shortly after my negative review I received an email apologizing for my experience. The person that contacted me was extremely professional, apologetic and polite, and he quickly turned my negative experience into a positive one. The only reason I did not give them 5 stars is because I haven't actually used the service yet, but I trust it will be great. I find it rare these days that companies ever take accountability for errors that might be made. Seeing a company actually do that is very refreshing.
Gina P. - Tenant

5 Star Yelp
My experience with this company is nothing less than stellar! Chamberlain represents some of the most beautiful properties in Carlsbad and after finding the perfect location for my family and me, Mari Stryjewski went above and beyond to ensure this house would be a comfortable home. She was wonderful in responding if I needed her and she never hesitated in answering questions. Mari is the pillar of great customer service! Thank you to Chamberlain Property Management for making my family feel 'welcome' as a client!!! :)
Maggie K. - Tenant

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