Covid 19 Information


Housing Providers have been deemed an “essential industry” and we are still functioning at nearly 100%. We are doing all we can to serve your needs while keeping our staff safe. Our office is locked to all non-employees and only 3-4 employees will be in the building at any given time. Everyone else is working remotely. Phone calls and emails are being responded to in a timely manner during business hours.


Rental payments are still due on the 1st of each month. More than 95% of our tenants pay their rent electronically on-line through a secure tenant portal. For those that make their payments by any other method, you can mail your payment or drop in our mail slot in the office front door. This is an ideal time to sign up for your tenant portal if you have not already done so.


Due to the “Social Distancing” orders, we have temporarily ceased conducting what would commonly be considered “routine or non-essential” repairs. This is for the overall health & safety of all concerned. Emergency repairs such as plumbing or roof leaks, electrical issues or other issues that would have a direct impact on the health & safety of residents or could cause property damage if left unattended will be responded to as usual.


Due to the “Social Distancing” orders and to maintain the health & safety of all concerned, we have ceased performing showings of occupied homes and apartments. However, we are continuing to market and schedule live video tours, virtual tours, and self-guided showings of vacant properties.

We hope that this communication provides you a high degree of confidence and assurance that we are working diligently to maintain our high standards of operation during this unprecedented time in history. If we have not addressed a specific question you may have, please let us know by calling (760) 434-7373 or emailing ([email protected])

Thank You in advance for your continued trust and partnership through these challenging times!

Contact your Resident Manager or Property Manager as soon as you realize you may not be able to pay your rent. Clear communication is essential. Let your manager know that while you may not be able to pay on time, you are looking for help. We always recommend that you pay as much as you can so you do not build up debt. However, as long as you remit a Covid-19 Hardship Declaration and pay at least 25% of your rent, you will be permitted to stay in residence until the issue is resolved and you can start paying off the balance.
While tenants are not required to tell landlords about a COVID-19 diagnosis in their household, doing so can help protect building staff and other persons that you may have been in contact with by alerting them to possible exposure and preventing further spread of the virus.
Your landlord cannot evict you or ask you to leave your apartment for having COVID-19 or being under home quarantine. Being under isolation or quarantine in a hospital or other facility does not change your tenancy, and your apartment or home remains your primary residence.
Yes – you will still need to pay rent during quarantine or any time in a medical facility, as is the case for any illness.
Follow the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Ask your manager what they are doing to clean and disinfect any common areas.
The instruction of the stay home order is to minimize contact with other people, but if you have to move, take the necessary precautions to minimize contact. You may want to check with your manager to ask if you can remain in your current rental for the time being, and with your future landlord to ask if your unit can be held open temporarily or cancel a lease that has already been signed.
Contact the County’s Information Line for questions about tenant-landlord issues or to help you learn about available resources. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which goes into effect on April 2, 2020 provides guidance and assistance for emergency family and medical leave, emergency paid sick leave, and emergency unemployment.